Incubator for larvae

Full Design and Build solution

Main structure

  • Length: 24 m
  • Height: 12 m
  • Capacity: 150 Kg / m2 by floor of biomaterial

Self-indexing elevator

  • Carries mobile machine components vertically
  • Embeds itself safely to main structure at required level

Sliding conveyor

  • Moves back & forth to physically enter beds
  • Gathers food at ground level
  • Distributes food at required level

Multifunctional trolley

  • Travels all over the current level (24 meters !)
  • Equalizes fresh food, delivered by Conveyor
  • Carries out routine tasks (plowing, sprinkling, cleaning, measurements…)

Energy chain compensator

  • Innovative mechanism for length compensation
  • Accommodates for Energy Chain’s huge length variations during Trolley movement
  • Project Details
    • Client: NASEKOMO AD
    • Function: Storage of larvae during growth process
    • Main structureSelf-indexing elevatorSliding conveyorMultifunctional trolleyEnergy chain compensator