Flipping trolley for core box plates

Complete Design and Build Solution

Interlocking system

  • Innovative “knife + window” system
  • The main functions (Loading & Rotating) are mutually exclusive:
    • Disengaging the knife to allow Rotation locks the load in place and prevents Unloading
    • Engaging the knife to allow Unloading locks the table and prevents Rotation

180-degree symmetry:

  • The flipper can be loaded in any orientation (no upper/lower side).

Rail transport:

  • Railway allows transporting between Loading area and Varnishing area (where core patterns are flipped).

Project Details
  • Client: MONTUPET SA
  • Function: Flipping/tilting of heavy core patterns (2000 kg) in full safe rotation
  • Interlocking system180-degree symmetryRail transport