About us

We are the Leader In Industrial Business

Process optimization, automation, continuous improvement, and also design & realization of specific machines, are values we bring to our customers.

Ours projects are managed by the same way: starting from white page, based on hypothesis we create some hand design and schemas to check the technical feasibility. After come the 2D and 3D design on CAD computer, and follow the technical execution…..

All of us are issued from Automotive production industry. Each of us speaks at least 2 languages….we can chat in French, Spanish, English, German, Bulgarian and Russian if needed!

Our Mission
To help customer, finding best production solution, increasing efficiency, and reducing NRJ consumption.
Our Vision
Facing the global world market, each company must optimize their production costs and quality. New process, innovating solution, new way of thinking, are part of the success. Our company can propose these items!
Our Strategies
Analyzing each process step, we are looking for blocking points, including those that customers do not see! Then after, we propose different solutions and Budget. In case of special machines needed, new testing process, or prototype items, we can offer these services!

Our History


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Image about us
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New Building

New work shop with Administration building, including new machines….


Image about us

Innovation Award 2018 from French Bulgarian Industrial Chamber for Innovative Motorcycle with automatic variable caster angle.


International Projects

Process Optimization & International consultancy in China, France, Mexico, Italia, Spain

New Partners

New partner on Pneumatic and Automation



Created in 2013

Frequently asked question

In order to offer reliable solutions to our customers, our company examines all step and items, ( pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, robotization, fixtures- gripper, station loading , unloading, number of production operator… ) then, we are able to propose solutions and to build them! From page sketching to final run at production.

We have no limitations in which industry or sector. However, as we all come from the automotive sector, the methods we use can be reproduced and adapted to other sectors (foundry, aeronautics, pharmacy, food industry, insect factory, textile production, ...) Concerning prototyping of new machine, we can cover all sectors, including racing car prototypes and motorcycle development!

If you need any industrial solution, please contact with us